Snow Falls On C o r p s e s

[In W o n d e r U n d e r g r o u n d]

3 June 1989
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My name is Sabrina, but call me Sab, please. I've 19 years old and i love j-rock music!! *__* My favourite bands are MUCC, BUCK-TICK, Dir en Grey, Merry and D'espairs Ray, but i love too much also Versailles, Kaya, Sadie, 12012, Girugamesh and Moi dix Mois.

I don't like ANCafè, i don't like Gazette, i don't like Alice Nine. I don't like fangirls, bur sometime i am. Anyway i respect the music, and i respect all artists. I can speak english, but my first lenguage is italian. I live in Italy, and i hate Italy.

I love Yukke and Imai Hisashi. And Atsushi Sakurai is my God X°D.

Ok, stop XD.


[ I ムック ]
[ I Dir en Grey ]
[ I メリー ]
[ I D'espairs Ray ]