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Imai x Hide <333

July 2008

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sex for you

Bored and sad =x=

Uff... I am so bored. =______=
How can i make?? I don't know =ç=
Maybe i can study, but... u__u

I want to talk with him, but he's not on Msn, and so i can't talk... Now on my Msn there are nobody of interesting, and so im bored because i can't exit from my house!!!! ç___ç My mum says that im a little ill yet, so she don't want that i've go out... But NO mummy!!! I' m healed çOç!!
So i am here in my cage, and i listening my iPod, and i write here because i don't have nothing better to make =w=

UFFFFF!!!!! =o=

As if this were not enough, i can't go to the Dio's concert because in that days my class want to go to Prague to make a class-travel... Ok, i like to make class-travels as usual, but... 18 hours of BUS!!!! Are a suicide!!!! çOç Omg, i dont want to think at this =__=
And we make the trip with another class... A class that I HATE for some people there are in in...
This is totally a shit. T__T

All in those days it's against me çOç *sadness*

And, for last, in 4 days is Valentine Day.... @/////@ And yes, i'm so in mess [in my brain =w=], because him... =///= I have NO IDEA about how i can give to him çOç
FUCK!!!!!! çOç *paranoias*

Ok =___= I have write too much already X///D
I need to listen B-T!!!! *my drug =w=*

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nu mannaggia che peccato che nn vai nemmeno tu al conce dei dio TOT
porelli misà che alla fine nn si ritrovano nessuno lì!!! XD
ma fidati: fai bene ad andare a Praga, io nn l'ho potuta fare la gita xkè la vicepreside ci ha fregate e siamo rimaste a studiare a scuola...quindi vai lì e divertiti pure x me che nn ci sono mai stata >*