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Imai x Hide <333

July 2008

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Imai 2

Buck-Tick *obsession*

It' from long time ago that i don't wrote here >_<
I like LJ, but my journal is really empty X°D
I' ve change layout, and i love this, but i want to take up a pic!!!! >o<

Anyway X°D
In the last 3/4 mounth i have a very big obsession for


Atsushi is my God X°°°DDDD
I really love  theirs songs, theirs pv, theirs cd, theirs all  >_<
OMG =w=
I hope that, one time in my life, i can see them! *___*
And yes, i know that they are soooo old band, but i thinks that they are
five Gods.
So much people say to me "Uhi, B-T?? How shit! There are ugly old men!!!" °___° <- my face when people say this bullshit.
Ok, they are not so young.
I would like to see someone else, to 41 years, still be sexy as Hidehiko. T___T
Or sexy like Atsushi.
T_T *stupid girl i am*


My favourite from B-T is Imai.
He have a great charisma. He play so very very very (...) well. He's perfect with his guitar.
I love the guitar effects *o* <3
I think that Imai is so beautiful *__* (and yes, sometimes i'm become a stupid Imai's fangirl =_=)

I love a lot od Hide.
I totally love his face. He's so beautiful, yes.
My mood change, when i hear him playing classical guitar.
I'm feeling relaxed!!! >o<

As i've say before, Atsushi is my God.
His voice... His voice °__°
The first time i had hear his voice, i have almost cry X//D
Kagerou, was. After, i had seen the pv, and my heart was block off.
And i think his smile is a disease: after the first time you see it, you can't don't see for a lot of XD

And U-ta.
What about this little, cutie, sweety bassist?? *////*
I love bassist in all bands X°D
He's so sweet, i really love him <3333
I like so much how he play his bass <3

Toll is the last one, but not for  relevance.
He's so stupid X°D And for this, i love him X°°°DDD
Toll make me always laugh, because he's great! XD
And yes, his hair *__* *want it toooo*


Ok, after this too long and random post, i stop X°D
See ya <3


I know B-T since 2 years, but my obsession is begin 3/4 mounth ago X°DDD
I listen them non-stop toooooo XDDDDD

Which is/are your fave song/s? *_*

Aww, Just One More Kiss is one of my fave too *__* and also Mona Lisa =ççç=
I have too much fave too X°D a lot of U__U
And my faves pv are Love Letter and Zangai <3
Yeah, so much hot *____* <3333 I love especially the 5 angle version of Zangai! Imai's one is loooooooooveeee */////* *die* X°DD
lol~~~ you're obsess...XD
i love buck tick also~
havent talk to you in a long time...@_@
Yeah i'm obsessed X°D
*stupid* X°DDD
Uhii, yes, we don't have talk from a lot of ç__ç *miss you* çoç