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Jul. 27th, 2008

Tetsu in red


I'm really  t i r e d.
Not physically. Mentally.
Really. I can't tollerate more my own situation...
It's impossible, for me.


Sorry if i usually make a random posts.
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Apr. 30th, 2008

Imai x Hide <333

Happy but Sad.

OMG, it's from really a long time that i don't have write here nothing. >_>

But i am always sad, there is not change in it.
I love him.
I love him so much, really.
But, fuck. He lives too far away from me, and i can't see him everyday.
And this kill me.


I am sad. A lot of.
But i am happy, too, because he makes me so happy. Love make me happy, it is possible?
Yes, it's possible of course. ^w^

And also, i need BUCK-TICK.
I really need of them ç_ç
I want to see a concert... I want them in Europe!!!!!! çOç
Today i'm in Romance-Obsession XD

And oh shit, now i've go to sleep =w=


*random post, as usual XD*

Feb. 10th, 2008

sex for you

Bored and sad =x=

Uff... I am so bored. =______=
How can i make?? I don't know =ç=
Maybe i can study, but... u__u

I want to talk with him, but he's not on Msn, and so i can't talk... Now on my Msn there are nobody of interesting, and so im bored because i can't exit from my house!!!! ç___ç My mum says that im a little ill yet, so she don't want that i've go out... But NO mummy!!! I' m healed çOç!!
So i am here in my cage, and i listening my iPod, and i write here because i don't have nothing better to make =w=

UFFFFF!!!!! =o=

As if this were not enough, i can't go to the Dio's concert because in that days my class want to go to Prague to make a class-travel... Ok, i like to make class-travels as usual, but... 18 hours of BUS!!!! Are a suicide!!!! çOç Omg, i dont want to think at this =__=
And we make the trip with another class... A class that I HATE for some people there are in in...
This is totally a shit. T__T

All in those days it's against me çOç *sadness*

And, for last, in 4 days is Valentine Day.... @/////@ And yes, i'm so in mess [in my brain =w=], because him... =///= I have NO IDEA about how i can give to him çOç
FUCK!!!!!! çOç *paranoias*

Ok =___= I have write too much already X///D
I need to listen B-T!!!! *my drug =w=*

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Dec. 31st, 2007

sex for you

Happy new year ^w^

Ok, today is 31 december 2008 *//////*
I just wanted to wish a
happy new year to all, guys <333

HAPPY 2008 ^o^ <33


Aaaand, thank you _xochitl_ for tthe gift ç////ç <3333 *love love love*
I've really appreciate it <333333333 ^o^
And sorry if i don't send to you nothing gift, but i dunno what i must make for this =_= *stupid*

Dec. 23rd, 2007

loneliness Hide

Christmas <3

 Merry Christmas to all <3
And a happy new Year ^w^

Ok, this post is so random XDD
As usual, but it's ok U__U

Dec. 12th, 2007

omg i&#39;m kawaii

I'm happy XD

Ok, i'm just happy for a little reason:

In March 2008, the j-rock band DIO ~DISTRAUGHT OVERLORD~ come to Italy for make a concert *_____*
Awwwwwwww >w<
I'm happy happy happy, because this is the 3rd j-rock concert in Italy *w* (The first wad D'espairs Ray in 2006, and the second Moi Dix Mois in October <3)
And i'm happy because i like Kei (the DIO's guitar) so much *______*

Ok, stop XD
Just a random post, and just because i'm happy <3


Anddd, in those days i love U-ta °////////°
He's totally cute!!!! Aw aw aw aw *mad*
OMG >wwww<

Ok, really stop now XD

Nov. 27th, 2007

Imai 2

Buck-Tick *obsession*

It' from long time ago that i don't wrote here >_<
I like LJ, but my journal is really empty X°D
I' ve change layout, and i love this, but i want to take up a pic!!!! >o<

Anyway X°D
In the last 3/4 mounth i have a very big obsession for


Atsushi is my God X°°°DDDD
I really love  theirs songs, theirs pv, theirs cd, theirs all  >_<
OMG =w=
I hope that, one time in my life, i can see them! *___*
And yes, i know that they are soooo old band, but i thinks that they are
five Gods.
So much people say to me "Uhi, B-T?? How shit! There are ugly old men!!!" °___° <- my face when people say this bullshit.
Ok, they are not so young.
I would like to see someone else, to 41 years, still be sexy as Hidehiko. T___T
Or sexy like Atsushi.
T_T *stupid girl i am*


My favourite from B-T is Imai.
He have a great charisma. He play so very very very (...) well. He's perfect with his guitar.
I love the guitar effects *o* <3
I think that Imai is so beautiful *__* (and yes, sometimes i'm become a stupid Imai's fangirl =_=)

I love a lot od Hide.
I totally love his face. He's so beautiful, yes.
My mood change, when i hear him playing classical guitar.
I'm feeling relaxed!!! >o<

As i've say before, Atsushi is my God.
His voice... His voice °__°
The first time i had hear his voice, i have almost cry X//D
Kagerou, was. After, i had seen the pv, and my heart was block off.
And i think his smile is a disease: after the first time you see it, you can't don't see for a lot of XD

And U-ta.
What about this little, cutie, sweety bassist?? *////*
I love bassist in all bands X°D
He's so sweet, i really love him <3333
I like so much how he play his bass <3

Toll is the last one, but not for  relevance.
He's so stupid X°D And for this, i love him X°°°DDD
Toll make me always laugh, because he's great! XD
And yes, his hair *__* *want it toooo*


Ok, after this too long and random post, i stop X°D
See ya <3

Aug. 19th, 2007

Imai x Hide &lt;333


I hate my journal ç___ç
I don't understand how to make a decent journal... ufffffffff =________=
Help meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today i've made this avatar...
I love Kenichiiiiiiiiii =çç=


Jun. 14th, 2007

Imai x Hide &lt;333

Nothing of important...

Today i've made this....

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And this is all XDDDD

Apr. 1st, 2007

Imai x Hide &lt;333


I want new Libra's pics!!!!! è____é

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